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[fic] Prometheus

Title: Prometheus
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood-verse)
Pairing/Characters: Gen-ish. Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang
Rating: PG
Summary: “If I step off the path, shoot and kill me with those hands.” Wartime in Ishbal, and the origins of that particular promise.
Warnings: Alludes to some spoilers for Roy and Riza’s (manga-verse/Brotherhood-verse) backstory?
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Roy and Riza are one of those OTPs of mine that I don’t usually go fic-hunting for, just because (at least in the Brotherhood series), the canon is enough for me, but I have a total weakness for their history together.

At day’s end, Hawkeye closes her eyes, dreams of making monsters, and prays in vain to wake.Collapse )

[fic] Si vis amari, ama

Title: Si vis amari, ama
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing/Characters: Meg/Will
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pre-series. Meg keeps a hold of Will for as long as she can.
Disclaimer: I’m just playing in someone else’s sandbox here.
A/N: I’m curious about Will’s ex-girlfriend, even if (or perhaps because) she only showed up for all of two scenes during the first couple of episodes. This is an attempt to figure out their history.

He’s sprawled on her couch, tasting of alcohol and exhaustion and all the innocence in the question mark of a kiss.Collapse )

[fic] The Language of Adieu

Oh right, it's time to share our yuletide fic, isn't it? Okay! My assigned fandom? Hamlet. My prompt? Darkfic and angst and slash. Right, so. If I ever mentioned anything about how doing Yuletide this year made me feel both incredibly voyeuristic and incredibly terrified, now you know why.

Title: The Language of Adieu
Fandom: Hamlet
Pairing/Characters: Horatio/Ophelia/Hamlet/Laertes, various permutations thereof. Yep, it's that fic.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Childhood ends.
Warnings: Slash! Het! Creepy substitution sex! In other words, this fic basically owes its existence to the Bryn Mawr Shakespeare Performance Troupe's cast of Hamlet, and all the backstory/between-the-scenes theories we made up in the green room.
Disclaimer: It's all Bill's.
A/N: Written for the yuletide 2009 fic exchange. Originally posted here.

Is it a trick of light, or memory, or sentiment?Collapse )

[fic] Every Good Boy Does Fine

yuletide author identities have been revealed! Which I guess means that it's okay for me to post the fic I wrote. Luckily, my prompt was Justice (i.e. the only fandom I've actually attempted to seriously write for - also, a virtually nonexistent one, but ahaha it's the thought that counts?), gen interaction between Luther and Ron.

Title: Every Good Boy Does Fine
Fandom: Justice
Pairing/Characters: Luther Graves, Ron Trott, brief mentions of Tom and Alden.
Rating: PG
Summary: Luther Graves in past, present, and future.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Written for the yuletide 2008 fic exchange, for joylee56. Originally posted here.

Once upon a time, Luther was supposed to become a corporate lawyer.Collapse )


I slept till noon today, then threw a kimono over my tank top and pajama bottoms, dragged myself downstairs to make a cup of Earl Grey tea and some eggs/bacon/toast, lazed around at the kitchen table eating breakfast lunch brunch really slowly, then went back upstairs and stared at my Macbook. I need to drag myself over to the Princeton Public Library at some point today, so I can return A War of Gifts (and maybe pick up an LSAT book, because I'm lame like that), but for the most part, I'm probably going to laze around the house all day. I'm feeling decidedly and pleasantly lethargic. ♥

And I still haven't changed out of the robe and pajamas. They're comfy.
cleolinda on the whole Bella/Edward sex (or lack thereof and ensuing angst) thing:

"Oh Lord, Bella's decided that she wants to lose her virginity before she becomes a vampire. But he won't do that if they're not married! But she won't marry him if he won't let her become a vampire! But she won't let him make her a vampire unless he takes her cherry first! Dude, it's like that riddle about the fox and the goose and the bag of wheat trying to cross the river on a boat made for two."


And oh, Stephenie Meyer, you're funny:

Interviewer: "There's been some speculation on the internet..... about Edward being an abusive boyfriend..... ?"

Meyer: "Yeah, yeah, OK. There's a lot of stuff online that has, honestly, broken my heart recently. It is difficult to read things that take such a negative spin on something that is very personal and also makes a lot of sense inside your head [...] I think that people sometimes will go out looking for the negative when really if they gave them the right intentions, I think they are understanding characters better. But it is hard to read."

I wish I were kidding.

And in conclusion, this icon wins forever and ever:

In which hell freezes over.

So, I think I may be a little bit in love with Burberry.

This is quite unexpected, because (a) I've never particularly liked shopping (though this is probably mostly due to being forced to shop with my mother), and (b) I don't really pay much attention to fashion beyond looking nice, presentable, and when the occasion warrants it, dressy. I'm inclined to think that spending copious amounts of money on designer labels is a bit silly, when you can get perfectly functional (even attractive!) clothing for less money. Yes, I own a number of designer items (mostly small things - handbags, wallets, watches, etc. - maybe the occasional shirt, skirt, or pair of slacks), but most of them are either gifts from relatives and family friends, or things that my mother insisted that I get. Don't get me wrong, I think they're quite nice (I do get some pretty good use out of my Coach and Guess wallets/handbags), and I like them, I'm just not really the sort to save up my pocket money to splurge on them.

Still, I can't help but want a Burberry coat really freaking badly. Any of them. All of them. And the outfits in these ads and these! It's my sort of thing. Hell, I even love their menswear; it's the sort of clothing I'd find attractive on a guy. If I were to say that I have a personal "style" (and good lord, I never thought I would, but then, I never thought I'd spend an entire livejournal entry babbling about fashion of all things), or a preference for a certain "look," it's... very Burberry. I even like their damn website.

Never mind that Burberry is horrendously expensive.

Okay, you can stop laughing at me now. ;__;
It arrived a couple days ago; it's a MacBook, and it's a lot like my old computer, but sleeker, and more compact, and it's so pretty. My dad got one of the computer scientists from the university to come over this morning and help me set it up. (Said computer scientist also lectured me on how I should take "real hard sciences" to fulfill my Division II requirements at Bryn Mawr and steer clear of "physics for poets," and I was like alksjdfaj nooooooo.)

And my new iPod works on it too! And have I mentioned that it's pretty?

I saw Across the Universe last night. It was a fun movie in a... drug trip sort of way, but a bit too long, and it probably could have done without some of the more elaborate sequences. Still, fairly enjoyable. I was amused at the beginning, when Jude meets Max at Princeton of all places. Though oddly enough, the Princeton of the movie looks a hell of a lot more like Bryn Mawr than actual Princeton University. (The two schools have very similar architecture, but there are some subtle differences that are a bit difficult to pinpoint.)